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Civil society is wholly dependent upon the symbiosis between the fundamental principles of liberty: free agency, responsibility, and accountability. When these principles are balanced and in harmony with the individual citizens, Liberty then can act as a catalyst in elevating synergy within the community and society. These synergies will lead to stronger spiritual well-being, greater productivity, improved health, and development of wealth.


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Constitutional Orthodoxy:

Constitutional Orthodoxy is adhering to the codified processes that were established within the Constitution as defined by the States (founders) during the ratification process.  Consequently, the founders dictated and enumerated the limitations and scope of the general government as a delegated entity within the Hybrid Constitutional Republic.  Returning to Constitutional Orthodoxy is the only course that will preserve the Constitution, Individual Liberty, and the Republic.

What's new:

The television efforts are a lower priority. We are working on putting together Rodeo's for Republiuc Review for the 2018 election year.


We now have a daily show on Red State Talk Radio from 6 - 7 pm EST and 3 - 4 pm PST

You can tune in here Red State Talk Radio

The Abstract w/Cover Letter:

We have uploaded an abstract of the business plan in Reclaiming the Republic. This is a high-level extract from “We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review”. Please follow the link - read the plan and join us in this effort. This is not a profitable effort for Mobius Strip Press, the costs simply cover external costs and labor.


A Generous Book Review of:

"We the People: Whose Constitution is it Anyway? - The Constitutional Fix to a Constitutional Problem"

The review is available here:

Book Review

The review is by Glenna A. Bloemen, J.D., MA Ed., who is an "educator with extensive legal background in contracts and copyright laws" and has taught Constitutional history.

Open Letters

These are letters that have been posted on Facebook or published in our books to conservative entertainers, as a public plea to objectively examine our concept of Republic Review.

You can find these letters here:

Open Letters

Founding Document References:

The link below is the appendices that are in book two "We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention - For Republic Review"

Statement of Facts

Source Material:

The link below are the source documents that are used in book two "We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention - For Republic Review"


You Tube Page:

We are working with a youtuber who has set up a video page on YouTube (of course) titled "Reclaiming the Republic" who is posting our presentations and content that we hope to broadcast on cable television in 2015:

Reclaiming the Republic

Using Recent Progressive History For Marketing:

The page below contains a list of recent egregious actions by politicians and bureaucrats that are palpable violations against our Constitution and constitutional laws. As such, this list should compel a person who believes in Liberty, the rule of law, and supporting and defending the Constitution to take action and defend the Constitution against its enemies. As progressives and mainstream media resources try to suppress these violations and their magnitude, we believe we must leverage these matters into a form of "marketing," to persuade good people to stand up to evil self-serving politicians and jurists who have been manipulating and controlling the narrative of what matters for our Republic for over a century. This is not a comprehensive list and it will be expounded upon in the next month.

Marketing List


The Original Hybrid Constitutional Republic

A Few Framers Original Founding Fathers Recommended Reading

Today's Hybrid Constitutional Republic


Independence Hall

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

The cradle of liberty and freedom for the world today, and the birth place of America's Hybrid Constitutional Republic.

The Founders Today


See the Schedule page for updated information.


Book: "We The People: Whose Constitution is it Anyway - A Constitutional Fix to a Constitutional Problem"

Book: "We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention - For Republic Review"

Book: "We the People: Reclaiming the Republic" coming in 2015. This will be the final for this series and all following books will be more focused.


Speaking engagements:

Presentations can be scheduled through email (see the contacts page for details)

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