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Civil society is dependent upon the symbiosis between its fundamental principles of liberty, responsibility, and accountability. When these principles are balanced with the individual citizens, they act as a catalyst in elevating synergy within the community and society.

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Mobius Strip Press Publication Status

Mobius-Strip: A continuum of a relative surface

MobiusStripPress: A continuum of relative narratives

Constitutional Orthodoxy:

Is adhering to the codified processes that were established within the Constitution, to dictate and enumerate the limited general government of our Hybrid Constitutional Republic.


The first book:

"We The People: Whose Constitution is it Anyway - A Constitutional Fix to a Constitutional Problem":

The table of contents for the first three Sections:

Title                                                          Page #

Section I: Historical Narrative of Liberty               1
The Origins of Liberty     1
Preamble            1
Book Section Overview 4
Preamble Conclusion     7
Background        8
Background of Science and Evolution      14
Education and Academia              18
Origins of Liberty within Christ's Plan       23
Historians versus Scripture          45
The Bible as a Historical Document           49
Christ’s Church  57
Christianity into Western Society              65
The Development of Opposing Forces   70
The Evolution of Natural Law      79
Society Based Upon Enlightenment         90
American Enlightenment              93
Economic Enlightenment              101
Summation         103

Section II: Innovating a New Nation        107
Innovating a New Nation              107
The Byproduct of Enlightenment              107
Basic Governance            110
Basic Forms of Government        111
The Labor and Birth of a New Nation       119
The united States “A Constitutional Republic”     125
The Revolutionary Evolution       125
The Confederated States             126
Swings from Anarchy to Tyranny               130
Equality and Justice         136
Not a Monarch  137
The Republic Movement              139
Trouble in the Confederacy         139
The Constitutional Convention  142
A Confederation, a Federation, and a Republic   146
The States Ratification   155
Separation of Church and State 158
The Secular National Church: Thou Shalt Have no Other Churches before the Great and Mighty “Secular National Church”              162
The Christian Seal            171
The Framework of the Hybrid Constitutional Republic     172
Washington's' Warning to the Nation      173
The Framework of the Constitution         176
The Articles (not necessarily in order):   177
The Mysterious Clauses                186
The General Welfare Clause       187
The Commerce Clause   190
The Necessary and Proper Clause            196
The Supremacy Clause  197
Nullification        199
The Bill of Rights               200
A Constitutional Precedence that Closed the Door on the Mysterious Clauses     201
The Framework                205
Enumerated Powers      205
The Specific Constitutional Framework  206
The States Bear the Blame           206
Summation of the Hybrid Republic           209

Section III: Historical Narrative Regarding the Obfuscation of the Constitution  212
Introduction       212
Slavery 216
The Forming of a More Perfect Union    219
The Abolition of Slavery                221
The Abolition of Slavery in the Former British Empire      224
Analysis                233
Slavery Akin to Communism       238
A String of Kings               239
From the Dynamic Duo (Jackson and Van Buren) to Taylor            240
Taylor to Lincoln               252
Twentieth Century Kings              254
President Theodore Roosevelt  257
President Woodrow Wilson        260
President Herbert Hoover           266
President Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR)      267
President Truman and Eisenhower          275
From President’s John F Kennedy to President Barrack H. Obama                279
Executive orders              291
Summation on the String of Kings             293
Noble or Nefarious         298
Other Boundaries for Consideration        299
A Bicameral Congress     301
An Oligarchy in Robes    304
The Divisiveness of the Party System      310
Parties and Warmongering          312
Parties, Civil Rights and the Decimation of the Family      314
Economics and Organized Labor and the Labor Party       323
Republicans the Lesser of Two Evils         327
The Second Spiritual Revival and Unintended Consequences      330
“Primary Signatories:      339
Additional Signatories:   341
The Cost of an Unconstitutional Government     346
Counter Civilization Revolution  352
Taxes and inflation          356
Personal Income Taxes 361
Representation without Taxation             363
Corporate Taxes               365
Inflation               366
Killing the Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs         367
Opinions or Codified Laws            368
A Summation of Obfuscation      370

Soft cover is now available. See the "Direct" or "Store" pages.

The second book:

"We the People: The Strategy to Convening a Convention - For Republic Review"

  1. This book is being published as an eBook and out for Print
  2. eBook will be available mid March
  3. Harcopy paperback will be available 1 April.

The third book:

"We the People: Reclaiming the Republic"

  1. Art work done
  2. Layout of Sections VI and VII have begun
  3. Targeting realease for Summer of 2015

The following is the planned future publications from Mobius Strip Press:

  1. Energy Policies and Strategy's
  2. Education and Self-licking Ice Cream Cones
  3. The General Welfare
  4. Infrastructure for the Twenty-First Century
  5. Future Assimilation and Ending Domestic Abuse



These publications are being initially released as “Pamphlets” (though large and lengthy) and are not intended to be literary novels. These are rational arguments and statements to ignite the necessary debate and dialogue to reclaim the Republic. These works are proof read for accuracy and content, but are not edited or copy edited due to the exigencies of threats and perils that is facing the Republic and its citizens.










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